Design Sprint :4 -Day Workshop

Billennium S.A.

The offer is a 4-day workshop during which you define the need and solution in the operator of a Microsoft Power Platform

The Design Sprint is a simple and logically organized way to start a new project / product or to improve existing ones. It is a 4-day step-by-step process that helps define the business need and potential solution using Microsoft Power Platform technology (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate) It compresses months of work spent on product development into a few days by building a prototype (on Microsoft most appropriate technology ex. Power Platform) that will answer the most significant questions and will allow you to decide about the profitability of the project.

Workshop agenda: Day 1 – Team workshop - On the first day, the Sprint’s goal is clearly defined - namely, the challenge. Later, the team creates different proposals of solutions, inspires each other, and looks for standards that are key to solving the problem.

Day 2 – Team workshop - everyone casts their votes for the best concept by, explaining what appealed to them in the proposal. Work on its implementation begins. A process is established, the best ideas are extracted, and the final solution is selected. The scope and assumptions of the prototype are set, and the user's process is visible.

Day 3 – Microsoft Power Platform Specialist or UX/UI Specialist builds one or more prototypes that give the idea of a specific form. For this purpose, we use both prepared in advance sandbox environments as well as digital tools (clickable mockups of pages or applications).

Day 4- Testing Day - Billennium specialists juxtapose the prepared prototypes with customers’ opinions. During those meetings with users, we examine their reactions and impressions that the prepared materials are evoking. Sessions are recorded and conclusions are written in a testing report.

Design sprint is the most optimal offer of activities related to project planning and its efficient implementation in the Microsoft Power Platform technology.

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