Digital Transformation: 4-Day Proof of Concept

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Agile application: 4-day Business Process Digital Transformation

Manual processes consume more than just your company's time! Additional costs will be felt if a key process is delayed or if the personnel responsible for this process needs to be trained. The risk borne by the company can be reduced by conducting the process in the same way for each participant each time through the use of Microsoft Power Platform technology.

Many companies are interested in the idea of launching Microsoft Power Automate, but have difficulty taking the first step. At Billennium, we have already completed dozens of projects related to process automation, so we encourage you to take advantage of our 4-day PoC offer.

The beauty of a PoC is that it proves whether a solution will or won’t work in the confines of business’ customized environment. It also provides an opportunity to validate the software or platform selected and the commitment of the resources involved to ensure success of a larger program.

Working alongside your team, we will build a solution (Flow, Power Automate) that demonstrates how the Power Platform delivers measurable business process and organizational improvements. In this 4-day proof of concept, we will work with you to analyze and improve a business process. At the end of this engagement, you will have a working Power Automate solution that clearly shows the type of measurable improvement you can expect if you move forward with a full implementation. PoC shows how the Power Platform can fit in your technical environment while also improving your business

If you haven’t yet begun your automation journey – or you are just beginning – a PoC is a great way to start!

*The price quoted includes the standard cost for the demo application and the services of a Business Analyst and SharePoint / Power Platform specialist. The process also involves business documentation, technical documentation and the demo application to be provided by the team within 4 working days.

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