Birlasoft Modern Provisioning: 5-Days implementation


Automate your SharePoint site provisioning process with user management.

Modern Provisioning App helps achieve enforceable governance by automating the provisioning process. Often user requests a new site or a site for external collaboration; most of the time, this need is met by manually creating the site; inadvertently, we may miss putting security controls, branding, and other governance controls like approvals for the site.

Birlasoft has come up with a next gen. automated provisioning app that helps achieve the following:

  1. Secure, branded, and approved site creation without human interaction.
  2. Provision app has a configurable approval process; once the last approver has approved the request, the site gets created automatically.
  3. Allows applying site-level retention labels.
  4. Branded templates to create the sites with a similar look and feel across the board.
  5. Automation decreases the burden on your Office 365 administrators.
  6. The metadata that employees input during the process helps manage the life cycle of the new site, team, or channel. It helps decide whether a site can be retained or retired becomes much more manageable.

This app is developed using PowerApps, and PowerAutomate. It also utilized scheduled Powershell or azure function based on customer's preference. The estimated pricing of the offering will depend and vary based on the customer's environment & its requirements.

At a glance