Microsoft Fabric _ 2 hours foundation Session


Take a deep dive into the unified analytics solution, simplifying data processes and empowering business users. Embark on your data modernization journey with atQor's tailored workshop on Ms Fabric.

Microsoft Fabric stands as an all-encompassing analytics solution for enterprises, seamlessly covering data movement, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence. It consolidates services from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into a unified Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

In the exploration session by atQor you will discover Microsoft Fabric’s potential benefits: • Fabric provides a unified experience, architecture, and business model, streamlining data analytics processes. Timely, actionable data insights with a simplified architecture. • Empower business users through seamless integration with Microsoft 365. • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with a Pay-per-Use cost model and no data duplication. • Unify the entire data estate for administrative ease and governance. Microsoft manages everything, from application to networking, reducing the burden on organizations. • Scalability: Easily scales up or down based on needs and budget. • Allows smaller workforces to handle tasks that typically require larger data teams. • Familiar and easy-to-learn interfaces across different components.


  1. Introduction to Microsoft Fabric: • Explore key concepts and principles. • Highlight core features and microservices-based architecture.
  2. Demonstration.
  3. Use Cases and Applications: • Present benefits of adopting Microsoft Fabric.
  4. Integration with Azure Services: • Showcase seamless integration with Azure for enhanced performance.
  5. Q&A and Customer-Centric Use Cases: • Brainstorm potential Microsoft Fabric-based architectures at your organisation. • Address questions and uncertainties. • Clear understanding of Microsoft Fabric. • Insight into benefits and use cases. • Awareness of key considerations and challenges in adoption.

Embark on your data modernization journey with atQor's complimentary 2-hour customer workshop tailored to meet your unique needs. This workshop empowers you to explore the possibilities of achieving your data modernization goals. At atQor, we specialize in guiding organizations to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Fabric. Contact atQor today to initiate your journey towards greater speed, agility, and affordability in responding to your business needs.

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