Employee Experience a Teams ChatBot: 2-Wk Implementation


This productivity solution from Bitscape will help improve employee experience by leveraging our custom Microsoft Teams Framework and Bot Framework, help achieve efficiency.


Bitscape’s eConnect Service is a 2-week consulting service which will help businesses in improving connectivity between employees and the imperative technologies. This helps bring together business applications and internal systems into an integrated environment to empower work productivity of employees.

Our assistance is a unique strategic implementation with 2 primary functions resolving multiple challenges.

  1. An Interactive Dashboard that gives user the flexibility to access various features within one environment.
  2. AI built Chatbot that provides real-time solutions and one-to-one interaction between employees, any member of cross-functional teams such as IT, HR, Admin, and so on.

We have leveraged latest technologies of Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams, Azure Services including Bot framework, App Services, Azure table, Search Service and QnA Maker service.

This offers various pathways to enable collaboration – AI built Chatbot – Daily Summary – HR Info – Learn & Grow – Meeting Capture – Time zone Converter – My Recent Documents – Important Mails – Timesheet – Upcoming Events

Key Benefits & Outcomes:

  1. Increases Productivity – It helps the employees cater to the challenge of focusing on the task by enabling multiple information access from one window.
  2. Save Time - The solution provides centralized pane view within a single dashboard.
  3. Improved Collaboration - It connects employees to cross-functional teams directly and allows to discuss queries on one-to-one basis.
  4. Increases Mobility – This solution help the employees achieve mobility by accessing from devices anytime, anywhere.

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