Bank integrations with Dynamics 365 Finance: 3-Wk Implementation


Streamline Vendor Payments with our Bank Integration Automation Solution in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Our Vendor Payment Automation solution allows you to effortlessly manage and optimize electronic AP payment processing within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Experience a seamless workflow as you process multiple types of electronic payments from a single payment journal, eliminating the need for manual intervention with multi-level of approvals.

Payment Acknowledgement: Upon sending the payment data in the required format (XML or JSON), our solution promptly receives an acknowledgement from the bank. This acknowledgement file is then seamlessly processed into the system. Once the bank statement is received, the payment is automatically updated in the system, triggering a notification to the vendor and internal stake holders.

Error Handling: In the event of an erroneous payment, our Vendor Payment Automation solution offers a convenient void payment feature. This capability saves significant time by eliminating the need to post an incorrect payment after it has been processed. With our solution, you can effortlessly void the payment, rectify the error, and resend it to the bank without any hassle.

Supported Integrations: SFTP, API, or Web Service Connectivity

Witness a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your vendor payment process by leveraging our Vendor Payment Automation solution in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Simplify, streamline, and enhance your payment operations with ease.

Please note: Different banks have different methods, depending on the level of customizations, the timeline and efforts will vary.

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