Microsoft Power BI introduction and 1-hour briefing


Explore the Power BI capabilities during hour meeting to learn best practices that will dispel any doubts why Microsoft Power BI will be perfect for your organization.

Find out what benefits you can get with Microsoft Power BI reporting tool and gain a business advantage based on high-quality data from various sources. Explore the range of data modeling visualizations that this tool can provide you with. See how much time you can save by using Power BI interactive reports. You don't need to be a programmer to do it! Thanks to the extended analytical horizons, you get to know the future business value of your company.

Do you want to visualize your data in a friendly, understandable, and readable way? Would you like to have access to real-time refreshed reports? Are you interested in viewing reports on various devices such as a laptop, tablets, or mobile phones? Not sure where to start? Are you fed up with Excel? Are you uncertain about the ability to integrate Microsoft Power BI with various classes of data sources that are used in your organization? Do you think implementing Microsoft Power BI is expensive? Do you want to optimize processes and reports with the use of data whose volume is constantly increasing over time?

This meeting is for you. Our long-term practitioners - Business Intelligence Developers - will introduce you to the world of data visualization, and show examples that are very simple but also advanced methods of data presentation. During the 1-hour-long conversation, we will present several Microsoft Power BI possibilities. You will learn how the process of acquiring, processing, and integrating data looks in practice. Thanks to this workshop decision-makers will obtain appropriate knowledge and will be able to make the right business decisions.

We will share with you our best practices that will dispel any doubts about why Microsoft Power BI will be perfect for your organization.

You will receive:

  • A clear understanding of what your reports and dashboards might look like.
  • The next steps of implementing Microsoft Power BI in your organization and the estimated cost.
  • Tool implementation time and average report preparation time.


  • Business/IT decision-makers
  • Business analysts
  • Management

Note: The briefing will be conducted as an online meeting. During the 1-hour meeting, you will learn about the possibilities of Microsoft Power BI. Our specialists will present reporting possibilities using the above-mentioned tool, thanks to which you will be able to transform your company into a data-driven organization, and thus gain a competitive advantage in making business decisions.

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