Deploying Purview Data Security - Labels and DLP

Bulletproof Solutions Inc.

A dependable approach to deployment of Data Security workloads led by governance and following our standard framework for Microsoft 365 customers

The Bulletproof team will help your organisation quickly deploy Microsoft Purview Data Security tools, a part of Microsoft 365 suite of products, specifically sensitive information types, information protection sensitivity labels, and data loss prevention (DLP), in a manner that is manageable and a fit for your business. To ensure the deployment protects your data but doesn’t hinder your business processes Bulletproof will assess your readiness, help in your governance development, design and deploy your protection, and assist in rollout and training. Each of these elements are designed to ensure greater chance of a successful deployment and to maximize adoption. This consulting service utilises a standard framework and process to guide you through deployment of Microsoft Purview Data Security tools.

  1. Baseline review: Our expert team will provide a baseline review of existing information management related policies and standards, a technical examination of existing setup and documentation, along with interviews and workshops with organizational units to identify your sensitive information.
  2. Customized recommendations and design: Based on the baseline review and analysis, we provide you with tailored recommendations and a design to optimize the deployment of sensitive information types, information protection sensitivity labels, and DLP. These recommendations consider your organization's unique requirements, business objectives, and risk profile.
  3. Delivery: We will work with your IT team to deploy sensitive information types, information protection sensitivity labels, and DLP based on our recommendations and design.
  4. Knowledge transfer: To empower your team, we offer knowledge transfer on decision making, recommended settings, and best practices throughout the engagement. This ensures your organization can maintain and adapt its environment over time.

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