Windows 365 - 2 week Proof of Concept


The ConvergeOne Windows 365 POC is designed to get an organization up and running on a Cloud PC with Microsoft Windows 10/11 persistent desktops.

Windows 365 created a new hybrid personal computing category called Cloud PC. A Cloud PC is a highly available, optimized, and scalable virtual machine providing end users with a rich Microsoft Windows desktop experience. End Users have a 1:1 (or dedicated) relationship with their Cloud PC. It’s their own personal PC in the cloud.

The Windows 365 Cloud PC experience is: Versatile, familiar and productive by delivering users their personalized content, settings, and applications Secure by design, leaving no data on the device Available on any device and optimized for the best experience on a Windows PC at a predictable and fixed price The ConvergeOne (C1) Windows 365 Proof of Concept is designed to get an organization utilizing Windows 365 while leveraging next-gen Windows 10/11 persistent (personal) desktops. The engagement starts by providing an overview of Windows 365 and its capabilities, performing a readiness assessment, and documenting prerequisites to perform the build-out. Users are granted access to remote desktops or remote applications based on Azure Active Directory group membership. Proof of Concept Activities include: • Gathering requirements for a successful Windows 365 Proof of Concept. • Reviewing and verifying prerequisites. • Implementing Azure Active Directory group-based access. • Deploy Windows 365 for user assignments. • Providing as-built documentation and knowledge transfer to admin staff.

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