MW 365 Strategy: 10-WK Implementation

Campana & Schott GmbH

Together we develop an individual Microsoft 356 strategy for your organization.

The future is connected. New forms of collaboration fundamentally change the daily interaction of management, employees, customers, partners and service providers. With the right modern workplace strategy and Microsoft 365 strategy, companies don't just respond to technological developments - they are capturing a holistic change that combines technologies, organizational structures and a lived digital culture.

Together we analyse the potential of your modern workplace, Microsoft 365 strategy and identify needs and priorities. On this basis, we develop a methodical and technical objective and define the way to achieve it in a clear to understand and management ready roadmap.

For an initial start please contact us, we coordinate a free call of one hour to talk about your upcoming challenges and derive how we can help you mastering them.


Experience: We show you what opportunities modern technologies actually offer. Experience the workplace of the future up close with us.

Use Case: Together with you, we define and prioritise the use cases that are most important to you. In this way, we focus on the measures that generate the greatest added value for your business.

Roadmap: We plan the concrete first steps towards your Modern Workplace Microsoft 365 with you. Together with our experienced experts, we develop the roadmap for the introduction.

Stakeholder: The introduction of the Modern Workplace is only successful in the long term if the specialist departments are involved at an early stage. Together with you, we identify the key stakeholders who are necessary for the successful implementation of the project.

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