Power BI ESG Dashboard: 1-day Workshop

Campana & Schott GmbH

Set up Microsoft Power BI ESG Dashboard: 1-day Workshop in a day to track your performance and meet your stakeholders' demand for transparency and sustainability awareness.

In today's business environment, understanding and embracing ESG is now a strategic imperative. This shift is driven by new laws that affect corporate reporting requirements, leading to changes in competitive landscapes and an increased demand for transparency from multiple stakeholders. At our Power BI ESG Dashboard 1-day workshop, we guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive ESG dashboard using Power BI, which will enable you to set a clear framework for the visualization and steering of ESG relevant KPIs, making them accessible and actionable for your organization. While it doesn't replace comprehensive sustainability managers like the Microsoft Sustainability Manager, it serves as a pragmatic solution for initial steps in ESG tracking. Here's how our 1-day workshop unfolds:

  1. ESG Assessment: We begin by assessing your current ESG reporting status, identifying relevant fields of action and reporting.

  2. Setting the scope: Based on your unique company profile, we help you define the dimensions of your ESG reporting dashboard.

  3. Selecting Key ESG Metrics: Depending on your assessment, you can choose from a wide array of ESG KPIs from the Power BI toolkit, aligning them with your sustainability objectives.

  4. Supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): We assist you in aligning your initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making your efforts accessible and comprehendible for a broad audience.

  5. Comprehensive Dashboard Expertise: Our workshop seamlessly combines a comprehensive demonstration of Power BI's dashboard design and functionality with practical hands-on experience using your input and sample data to envision Power BI’s capability of data visualization and steering. This integrated approach equips you with the expertise to navigate the dashboard effectively.

  6. Structured Roadmap: In addition, we provide a structured roadmap tailored to guide you in crafting your personalized solution for long-term success.

By the conclusion of the workshop, you will have gained a robust understanding of how Power BI will support you in the reporting and steering of ESG KPIs. When implemented, the dashboard will equip you with a tool to monitor performance effectively, engage your workforce, and facilitate transparent communication of your sustainability accomplishments. Creating a comprehensive dashboard and automating data integration cannot be accomplished in a single day. However, our workshop serves as the catalyst for initiating your organization's journey towards making sustainability a visible and influential component of your strategic endeavors

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