Microsoft 365 Security Briefing


A Briefing of available Microsoft 365 security products and how they help organizations Identify and Mitigate Security risk. While increasing the adoption of a Zero zero-trust security Framework.

Bring your team to this in-person or remote strategy session where we will review your business objectives, discover your current environment state, identify gaps to success and review the latest in Microsoft Security technologies. Whether your team is new to Microsoft Security or already in a production rollout, our solution architects will educate your team on the latest developments and strategies for elevating your Security Posture and Reducing your risk with Microsoft technologies such as;​

  • Zero Trust Framework​

  • Hybrid/Multi Cloud Security Posture​

  • Identity and Access Governance​

  • Secure Service Edge​

  • Email and Productivity Application Security​

  • Data Governance and Insider Risk Management​

  • Modern Security Operations and Data Intelligence​

Objectives Include:

  1. Current state review of existing environment ​
  2. Identity business objectives and use cases for modern endpoint technologies​
  3. Establish clear, concise next steps for Adopting Microsoft Security Solutions
  4. Hands-on with Microsoft Security Environment
  5. Educate Customer team on latest Security technology developments from Microsoft​.
  6. Learn through “Art of the Possible” demonstrations​

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