Enablement Workshop for Microsoft Viva


The Enablement Workshop for Microsoft Viva from CDW focuses on finding your organization’s pain points, and it identifies how the Viva platform can help.

The Enablement Workshop for Microsoft Viva is available in two tracks:

• 1. Viva Workshop • 2. Viva Insights Workshop

The Viva Workshop reviews the entire Viva platform but includes a deeper dive on the services that help improve the user’s effectiveness inside the organization.

This track includes a focus on:

• Viva Topics: Save your employees time and help them find the information they need to do their jobs. Based on an analysis by Forrester Research, a typical organization can see benefits of US $42 million to $127 million by adopting Viva Topics as part of Microsoft 365 solutions for Knowledge and Content Services.

• Viva Connections: Bring your organizational news, feeds, communication and resources to your users by providing a window into data and communications hosted across your Office 365 in a single, easy-to-access location.

• Viva Learning: Direct your users to internal and third-party training to keep their skills up to date. Viva Learning helps employees remain engaged and grow their skills.

• Viva Goals: Align projects and tasks directly to organizational strategic priorities using the OKR goal-setting framework. Viva Goals is the source of truth for settings, tracking and monitoring progress of success across your organization.

The Viva Insights Workshop includes a review of the overall Viva platform and a deep dive into Viva Insights, which drives into your organization the goals and KPIs needed to improve the results of your organization. This track focuses on:

• Viva Insights: Keep employee privacy top of mind and provide managers and employees the tools they need to improve their effectiveness

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