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Find out how to drive the success of your organization through a digital transformation process leverage on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Summary: Leverage the Microsoft Power Platform and digitize and automate business processes. We are pleased to present this proposal for a comprehensive assessment of organizations processes and their optimization opportunities. Our aim is to guide companies towards leveraging Microsoft Power Platform and provide recommendations to digitalize and automate business processes beginning, developing or completing the journey towards digital transformation. Through this assessment, we will identify key areas for enhancement and develop a strategy to drive the organization's success.

  1. Introduction: We understand the importance of aligning technology to business objectives. This assessment will evaluate existing processes. By examining workflows, data management practices and customer interactions, we will identify opportunities for improvement and empower you to make informed decisions regarding the adoption of the Power Platform.
  2. Background: As a leader in digital transformation services, our company has a proven track record of helping organizations optimize their business processes and drive growth. We have expertise in the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and other related technologies. Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with stakeholders to understand challenges and provide tailored solutions.
  3. Service content: the assessment has a preliminary envisioning phase (Vision) where we focus on creating the corporate vision to establish the company digital strategy. Next, we arrange the Business Process Analysis phase (Discovery) throughout 4 weeks of work in close cooperation with the organization. The 4 weeks assessment splits in this 3 stages: • Business value, during this first one week session we retrieve information about the whole organization (users, direct and indirect stakeholders, the existence of processes, the everyday tools, the constraints and the pain-points, …) • Assessment by Business Area, during this fortnight we interview key users and process owner of the main business areas involved in the change management (i.e. the areas identified during envisioning and confirmed in the previous stage) • Solution Optimization, last week all the information gathered are analyzed and reviewed by consultants and organized to be presented in one or more deliverable.
  4. Objectives: The primary objectives of this assessment are: • Evaluate current business processes and identify pain points and inefficiencies. • Determine the feasibility and benefits of adopting the Power Apps or Dynamics 365 Service platform. • Develop a roadmap for optimizing processes and utilizing the Power Platform effectively. • Enhance customer experience and increase overall productivity.
  5. Scope of Assessment: Our assessment will cover the following areas: • Analysis of existing sales/customer service processes. • Evaluation of data management practices and data quality. • Examination of communication and collaboration workflows. • Assessment of reporting and analytics capabilities. • Identification of potential integration opportunities with existing systems.
  6. Consulting Services Offered: Based on the assessment findings, we will provide the following services: • Recommendations for process optimization and automation using Power Apps and Dynamics 365. • Data migration and integration planning. • Customization and configuration guidance. • Training and knowledge transfer for the team. • Ongoing support and post-implementation assistance.
  7. Deliverables: At the conclusion of the assessment, the organization will receive: • A detailed assessment report highlighting areas of improvement and potential solutions. • A roadmap outlining the recommended steps for adopting the Power Platform. • Slide deck summarizing the assessment findings and proposed strategy. Following Steps : Execution, Action Plan and Project Delivery that will be determined by the assessment and will be part of a different Service. We look forward to discussing your specific needs and objectives in more detail. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and provide additional information. Let us help you unlock the true potential of the Power Platform and revolutionize your sales/customer service processes.

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