Unleash the Power of Communication with Viva Engage: 10-Day Workshop

Changing Social LTD

Teaching individuals and teams to master the art of effective communication using Viva Engage, including an art of the possible and best practice for building stronger relationships with Engage.

Our Microsoft Viva Engage Workshop ensures a smooth transition and ongoing success by incorporating comprehensive strategies, communications, training, use case identification, showcasing premium components, and providing actionable next steps.

Our Workshop takes a strategic approach to ensure maximum value from Viva Engage. By identifying and prioritizing use cases specific to your organization, we can pinpoint areas where the platform can generate the most significant impact. We also assess your current processes and systems to develop a tailored adoption strategy, optimizing the implementation of Viva Engage.

Our Workshop begins with a thorough organizational discovery and requirements analysis to tailor our approach to your unique needs and goals. We identify and prioritize specific use cases, assess your current state, and develop a customized adoption strategy. By fostering readiness and exploring the "art of the possible," we showcase Viva Engage's capabilities and premium components, helping you envision the platform's transformative potential for your workplace.

We support your organization with targeted engagement and communication strategies, including Viva Engage Quick Start Guides, to ensure a smooth adoption process. Our comprehensive training programs empower executives, administrators, and community managers with the skills and knowledge to champion Viva Engage effectively.

Finally, we provide clear and actionable next steps to guide your organization through the adoption process. By offering ongoing support, monitoring progress, and adjusting strategies as needed, we ensure the successful implementation of Viva Engage and its lasting impact on your workplace.

Embrace the future of collaboration and change management with Microsoft Viva Engage. Together with our expert guidance, your organization will be well-equipped to unlock the full potential of this powerful tool and foster a thriving, connected workplace.

Workshop Description

Day 1: Organisational Discovery & Requirements Day 2: Use Case Identification & Prioritisation Examples ​ Day 3: Current State Assessment & Adoption Approach Examples​ Day 4: Organisational Readiness & Art of The Possible Day 5: Viva Engage One Page Quick Start Guides​ Day 6: Viva Engage Engagement and Communications Development Day 7: Showcase Viva Engage & Premium Components Day 8: Executive Viva Engage Training: Digital Leadership & Visibility Day 9: Viva Engage Admin Training ​ Day 10: Actionable Next Steps

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