Microsoft Viva Insights: 7-week Workshop

Changing Social LTD

7-week workshop on enabling productivity & employee wellbeing in your organisation by industry leading partner, trainer, and thought leader, Changing Social

What is Microsoft Viva Insights?

Viva Insights provides privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in the organisation work smarter and achieve balance. ​

Leader insights empower business leaders to address critical questions about organisational resiliency and work culture with insight into how work impacts their people and their business. It helps leaders know where to take steps to protect employee wellbeing and presents an opportunity to understand where a change in process could improve business outcomes.​ ​ Manager insights provide much-needed visibility into work patterns that can lead to burnout and stress – such as regular after-hours work, meeting overload, or too little focus time – so that managers can help their teams strike a balance between productivity and wellbeing. We make it easy for managers to understand current team norms and take action to create positive change. ​ ​ Individuals receive personal insights visible only to them to help identify opportunities to change how they work so they can do their best work. Actionable recommendations, such as recharging with a quick mental break, protecting time for focused work, and mindfully disconnecting after-hours, make it easier to prioritise wellbeing and boost productivity.​

Why Microsoft Viva Insights?

People love working from home, but that the new flexibility has come with new strain. And different people are having different issues. Companies need to look at employee experience through a new lens. Where does that reimagination begin? Understanding what’s happening in your business today so that you can define the path forward.

Personal Insights

• Protect time in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and learning​

• Receive valuable insights to improve your work patterns using personalised dashboard and digest emails

• Data-driven insights to help you build better work habits

Manager Insights

• Understand the patterns that can lead to team burnout and stress and address these challenges with best practices and actionable recommendations.​

• Foster healthy, successful teams through actionable recommendations​

• Data-driven insights to understand the patterns that can lead to burnout and stress for your team​

• Address challenges head-on with best practices and supporting research

Leader insights​

• Use powerful insights to make better business decisions and transform your organisation​

• vDrive employee experience transformation by understanding your people and your business with at-a-glance insights.

• Quickly generate insights about your business with ready to use reports​

• Generate custom insights to address the challenges important to your business​

• Quantify the impact of change through custom operational dashboards

Service Description

• Week 1: Project Kick Off and Discovery • Week 2: Manual Data Import • Week 3: Communications Cascade • Week 4: Executive Training • Week 5: Executive Coaching (10 Leaders) • Week 6: Manager Training • Week 7: Organisational Training

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