Dynamics 365: 5-Day Proof of Concept


Our five-day Proof of Concept (POC) helps to show how Microsoft Dynamics 365 could work for your organisation.

Whether you choose to see how one particular area of Dynamics 365 could be developed to meet a key requirement or you want to see how the overall system could work - we will work closely with you to build a POC, which can be used as a project business case, to gain buy-in or to minimise project risk. This involves one of our CRM consultants working onsite for five days.


  • Before we begin, we organise a kick-off call to gain an understanding of overall aims and gather detail to make our time onsite as effective as possible.

Depending on requirements, this 5-day engagement could cover:

  • Stakeholder workshops - we will listen to your project goals, success measures, current pain points and gain an understanding of your aims.
  • User discussions - our consultants will talk with relevant staff to find out core challenges or priorities.
  • Consultancy - we will discuss best steps and approaches with you, so that we build the most suitable POC. We always aim to make use of out-of-the-box (OOB) functionality where possible and can advise what is possible OOB and what would require customization.
  • Development - we will build a POC based on the requirements gathering during workshops and consultancy.
  • Data Population - we will get some of your data (or sample data) migrated into the system so that you can get a feel for the working system with working data.
  • Demos - we immediately demo functionality that we have developed to gain feedback and thoughts as we build.
  • Deployment - we will deploy the POC so you can go away to try the system and to get a feel for it before establishing an overall Dynamics 365 project plan.


At the end of the 5-days you will have:

  • Full demo and walk-through of POC
  • Deployed POC; giving you a chance to review and use real, working software
  • Project and POC action plan with next steps (if relevant to the engagement)


  • Cost excludes VAT, travel

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