Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Readiness - 6 Day engagement


This engagement will help organisations prepare, and create an adoption, change and training strategy to ensure a measured way of planning, deploying, and enabling Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Microsoft 365 Copilot represents the start of a fundamental shift in how users will interact with technology. This engagement has been crafted to help organisations prepare and create an adoption, change and training strategy which engages with, and enables, users based on how they work today. It starts by looking at the core building blocks of what makes a successful adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot to ensure organisations can get maximum results and a high ROI.

This is achieved by considering the prerequisite behaviours and working practices which go to form the foundations of activities, communication, training, and feedback that can insure an effective Microsoft 365 Copilot rollout.

  • Working Practices Assessment: A report on the current Microsoft 365 adoption and the existing systems, processes, and workforce needs that are relevant for Microsoft 365 Copilot implementation.
  • Behavioural Intent Analysis: An insight into the psychological factors that might impact and influence user intention to adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot, such as motivation, attitude, perceived ease of use, and perceived usefulness.
  • Microsoft 365 Organisational Adoption Evaluation: A review of the available resources, people, processes, and systems that support user adoption and change management for Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  • Recommendations for improving working practices: Addressing behavioural barriers and enabling successful and cost-effective adoption and change management strategies across your current Microsoft 365 environment and for Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Through the combination of research and data gathering completed during these engagements we will be able to provide to your business recommendations which will inform your approach and plans to:

  • Improve working Practices across every team and department.
  • Align, measure, and improve the adoption of core Microsoft 365 workloads.
  • Build an effective strategy for Microsoft 365 Copilot trial
  • Ensure a measurable Microsoft 365 Copilot Pilot/Trial.

With Cisilion’s Microsoft 365 Copilot service, we are committed to helping your organisation leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot while building a framework for adoption and change management both now and in the future.

Our Prosci(TM) certified, Microsoft 365 adoption specialists will assist you in building a future-ready employee experience strategy that anticipates and adapts to the evolving needs of employees in the upcoming workplace that is powered by AI across your Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Note:Programme delivered will be curated into a formal Statement of Work and outcomes upon engagement.

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