Windows 365 - 3 Day Proof of Concept Deployment


Windows 365 - 3-day Proof of Concept inclusive of demo, design, deployment, configuration, testing and handover.

3-day deployment of a Proof of Value, Windows 365 Cloud PC environment. Will be securely configured within your live environment and provides everything needed for us to scope and deploy Windows 365 so you can see the value of Windows 365 with within your organisation.

Timescales and process for the project includes:

Day 1

  • Overview of the solution and demo of Cloud PC experience.
  • Review and finalise scope production ready pilot or PoC.

Day 2

  • Configure Core Windows 365 Environment as per design.
  • Set-up Device Management through Microsoft Intune.

Day 3
  • Run through of solution, usage, and key admin tasks for managing the Windows 365 PoC.
  • Snagging and Q&A.

Follow-up and support. Approximately two weeks after the POC deployment, the project team will follow up to review the PoC and agree any next steps.

At a glance