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Accelerate your sales journey with Click2Cloud’s Copilot Readiness Assessment.

Sales Copilot is an AI-powered sales automation tool that helps sellers engage prospects and customers and free up their time to boost productivity throughout the entire sales journey, from proposal to deal closure and beyond.

Are you ready to sell smarter and stay ahead with AI? Click2Cloud can help in the smooth integration of Sales Copilot through its Copilot Readiness Assessment.

This 4-week engagement is designed to ensure that your organization is well-prepared to leverage the new capabilities of Sales Copilot within Microsoft 365 apps and Dynamics 365 Sales.

How we can assist you with the Sales Copilot Readiness Assessment

• Understand Copilot for Sales: Gain insights into what Sales Copilot is and how it can benefit your organization.

• Prepare for Copilot: Learn the essential steps to prepare your organization for Sales Copilot adoption.

• Drive Copilot Adoption: Discover tips and best practices for driving Copilot adoption within your teams.

• Manage Content Effectively: Learn best practices for content management and governance in the Copilot era.

Key Deliverables:

 Discovery and Current State Assessment

 Licensing Analysis

 Current SKUs

 Persona Evaluation

 Security Analysis

 Usage Requirements

 Copilot Readiness

 Technical Requirement

As a result of the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report including financial structure, technical and business benefits, a security score, and AI-based business case recommendations to successfully integrate Sales Copilot.

Bring innovation to delight sellers with Click2Cloud’s Sales Copilot Readiness Assessment.

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