Cloudforwork Viva Connections - 6 Weeks implementation

Cloud for Work

The goal of this offer is to provide you with all services that you need around Microsoft Viva Connections to Keep everyone connected, Make it easy for people to contribute and Unite your firm

Cloud For Work can help you through all of the following phases in your Microsoft Viva Connections Journey:

  • Evolve and Prepare your Intranet for Viva Connections : Migrate and leverage the latest components of the Microsoft 365 Modern Intranet experience for Viva Connections integration Create beautiful, dynamic employee experiences

  • Enable your content and LoB Apps for Viva Connections : Leverage the power of Adaptive Card Extensions (ACE) to enable critical LOB Apps, processes and information for Connections-driven employee experiences. Identify opportunities to connect employees in all roles, including frontline workers, to content and experiences. Identify and build community-driven content and collaboration leveraging Yammer Communities

  • Enable Connections-driven collaboration across your organization : Deploy and scale Viva Connections to every employee in your organization, on any device. Build an employee dashboard to streamline visibility into key metrics and employee resources. Showcase news and information to the right people with audience targeting. Explore possibilities with leadership connection site deployment. Drive adoption and change management initiative to realize the value of your investment in Viva Connections.

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