Microsoft Teams Calling : 2-Day Workshop

Cloud Revolution LLC

2-Day Workshop - Microsoft Teams Calling with a deep-dive Envisioning / Design Session

CloudDesign gets your team started by providing planning and design services for Microsoft Teams Calling

-Day 1 -Strategy Update - Discussion Objective: Align strategy vision between all parties and understand why we are doing this and what constitutes success.

Current Environment - Discussion Objective: Understand the existing environment and gather enough information to form a calling migration plan and uncover any items that may be blockers

-Teams Calling Overview Objective: Provide an overview of Microsoft Teams calling features and functionality. Understand where Call Queues may be used, if there are any existing RGS on-prem today. Auto-Attendant requirements, call park, we should cover devices here too.

Teams Network and Media Flow Objective: Ensure we all agree on the network and media flow specifics. Cover what network requirements need to be in-place for LMO, etc. LMO is covered in detail in the DR session too.

-Day 2

Teams Direct Routing Objective: Provide detail around direct routing and gather SBC placement information and how downstream gateways will be configured with main direct routing SBCs in Azure

Emergency Services Objective: Cover and verify the emergency services design (Bandwidth is being considered for NA), need to cover potential ELIN and verify how this will be handled where E-911 is not available. Also need to see if AC needs licenses to support, etc.

Pilot Group and Production Enablement/ Execution Planning Objective: To walk away with a pilot plan, regions included, list of users, when we should target, surveys and support of the pilot.

Wrap-Up Discussion Time to be used for anything we need to get deeper with.

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