Visual Report Makeover: 2-Day Implementation

Clouds On Mars

We will refine your existing Microsoft Power BI report or dashboard using advanced data visualization and design skills so that it communicates information simply, clearly, and accurately.

Target Audience

This two-day implementation is for everyone who has already developed a report, dashboard, or a proof of concept and wants to share it with executives, sales personnel, or use for the external audience or broad consumption on hallway monitors.

Benefits & Outcomes

After this project you will:

  • have a dynamic, working dashboard,
  • which was visually upgraded by data visualization experts so that it conveys the message you want,
  • and using best in class visuals, colors, and layouts.


Day 1

Focus on understanding the objectives of the client’s report or dashboard, what story it is intended to convey, what is the use-case scenario, and what visual/design standards exist in the client’s organization. We redesign the dashboard during that day and overnight.

Day 2

We present and explain our work, capture your feedback, implement the improvements, harden, and test the new report or dashboard according to agreed changes.


The price for the implementation is for a one-screen report or dashboard. Multiple-screen dashboards or reports can be priced individually at volume discounted rates.

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