Power BI and Data Analytics: 1-Hr Briefing

Clouds On Mars

In one hour the datanauts at Clouds On Mars will discuss with you how we can help you build and enable data visualization in a self-service mode through Microsoft Data Analytics stack.

Quite often the world of BI and analytics is so murky and crowded that you don’t know where to dip in. We help you, whether you are a novice BI swimmer or have been in the pool for years and are now looking for winning gold. Clouds On Mars is the premium analytics and visualization partner for business. We are the best in Power BI, using it together with Azure cloud services for implementing visually appealing dashboards that help you make better business decision at the speed of thought.

Who is this for?

  • Executives.
  • Business/IT decision makers
  • Business analysts

Benefits and Outcomes

At the end of this briefing, you will get:

  • Conceptual roadmap to fully leveraging the data at hand.
  • Knowledge and tools to make better and faster business decisions.


In a 1-hour call with you we discuss and understand your current business insight goals in an open and collaborative conversation that will cover:

Introduction: You provide us with information about the dashboard, its users, what it is intended to convey, what business questions are normally asked by business and also what are the key information your business looks for to win.

Review of current BI state: you show us the current state, where you want to go and constraints.

Big Business questions: The questions that compel you and also the lack of answers you get from your current BI setup

Enablement: Our experts provide their concepts of

  • Improved data gathering: additional data sources that can give you more holistic insights
  • Improved data catalog, governance and storage: suggestions on how to catalog and manage the flood of data available.
  • Dashboard programs: which dashboards, concepts and ideas other companies use that you can use as well for your business
  • Competitive advantage: what areas can go beyond what others are using and help you leverage your data better.

Price is estimated for the basic scope of work, the adjustments can be negotiated individual

At a glance