Viva Insights Pilot FY24

CloudWay AS

Be ready to to run a project for implementing Microsoft Viva Insights in your organization

Microsoft Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams shows you personalised recommendations that help you do your best work. Get insights for building better work habits, such as following through on commitments made to colleagues, customers and partners, as well as protecting focus time in the day for uninterrupted, individual work. It derives these insights by summarising your Microsoft 365 data, data you already have in your emails, meetings, calls, and chats and remain personal to you.

CURRENT CHALLENGES Working in a hybrid workplace, often in challenging circumstances; staff need help to focus, improve productivity and create a good work-life balance.  A conducive employee experience work culture that maintains staff retention. End to end annual staff survey management and communication.


  • Knowledge transfer
  • Mapping pain points/challenges and prioritize scenarios
  • Identify Business Case

Weeks 2-5 Hands-on Proof of Concept Power BI Reporting Identify roles and responsibilities Set up Communication Plan Setup and onboard Advanced Analytics Power BI Template Reports Draw up Change Management Model Coaching sessions to select roles Set up and onboard in Microsoft Viva Insights trial licenses Build Business Case with surveys and strategies

Weeks 6-8 Present Business case to stakeholders Summarize Lessons learned from pilot Potential scaled deployment blockers and challenges Finish Business Case based on findings

AFTER THE PILOT Be ready to to run a project for implementing Microsoft Viva Insights in your organization either on your own, with current partners and/or with support from CloudWay

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