AI & ML for Power BI: 1-Day Workshop

Collectiv LLC

Learn how to utilize the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning features in Microsoft Power BI in this 1-day workshop.

There are too many business problems and too few data scientists to solve them all! With the massive volumes of data generated today about every aspect of a business, finding insights from the data can be challenging.

AI can aid in data exploration, comb through the data to automatically find patterns, help users understand what the data means, and predict future outcomes.

During this workshop you will gain hands experience to enrich your Power BI reports with AI capabilities and learn how to marry machine learning with Power BI to get insights from data.

  • Understanding AI / ML
  • Power BI portfolio & history
  • Data Flows - Easily ingest, cleanse, transform, integrate, enrich, and schematize data.
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) for Dataflows
  • Cognitive Services - Sentiment Analysis, Key Phrase Extraction, Language Detection, and Image Tagging.
  • Demo - Key Influencers - take the guesswork out of analyzing the drivers behind a condition or metric.
  • Demo – Decomposition tree - decompose (break down) a measure by various attributes across different dimensions.
  • Demo – Q&A - allow users to ask natural language questions against their data model

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