Power BI Center of Excellence: 2 Hr-Briefing

Collectiv LLC

Power BI Center of Excellence. What is it? Why do need it? How it can work for your organization? This briefing will inform, align and prepare your C-Suite and IT executives for this essential shift

How does your organization establish best practice-based standards, security & governance processes for your enterprise data analytics and Power BI?

Do you need a Center of Excellence?

Do you have no formal approach to documenting processes, creating content, or facilitating ongoing maintenance, governance or usage? Do you have multiple, uncoordinated “wild west” Power BI developments across the organization?

Do you have pockets of varied Power BI knowledge & reliance on IT or certain individuals?

Do users distrust the data & have problems with data availability and integrity?

Your Business Intelligence content is not aligned with your corporate strategy & goals?

Are you are still looking for a “single version of the truth” despite the use of Power BI?

If you are struggling with any of these topics this executive briefing can help!

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