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This streamlined 4-week program integrates Email and App Protection seamlessly into your current setup, including targeted training to enhance security effectiveness.

Elevate your cybersecurity posture with Communication Square's Email and Apps Protection Service, designed to robustly defend your Microsoft 365 communications against advanced digital threats. ###Process Engaging with Communication Square begins with granting our team access to your existing customer environment along with a Microsoft 365 subscription, whether you already have one or we provision a new one for you. Our Azure Certified Consultants will perform a comprehensive assessment before implementing the Email and Apps Protection Service, ensuring your communications are fortified against cyber threats. ###Deliverables • Implementation of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Policies: These crucial email authentication methods will bolster your email security, protecting against spoofing and phishing. • Unified Audit Log Activation: Offering complete visibility into activities within your Microsoft 365 environment, crucial for maintaining security and compliance. • Alert Policies and Defender for Office 365 Configuration: Early detection and response to suspicious activities and potential attacks with real-time alerts. • Advanced Anti-Phishing, Safe Links, and Safe Attachments Protections: Shield your users from fraudulent emails and harmful content that could compromise your network. • Email Security Enhancements: Implement security measures like blocking email auto-forwarding and establishing phishing scam reports to tighten your email environment security. • Protection Extensions to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams: Ensuring these collaborative platforms are secure against unauthorized access and data leaks. • Secure Collaboration Controls: Manage guest access and external sharing with strict controls to maintain the security of your collaborations. • Optimization via Configuration Analyzer: Utilize our expertise to fine-tune your Microsoft 365 settings for an optimal security stance. • Detailed Security Report and Presentation: Providing actionable insights and security best practices to your management and IT staff. • 1-Year Complimentary Ongoing SLA Support: Offered to clients who acquire Microsoft Licensing through Communication Square. For a one-time investment of USD 1,500, secure your Microsoft 365 communications with our cutting-edge Email and Apps Protection Service, custom-tailored to provide your business with the highest level of security. ###About Communication Square As a Microsoft Partner with a proven track record and 10 Gold Serves, Communication Square is your trusted partner in securing and optimizing your digital communication channels. ###Why Choose Us? Expert Microsoft Partnership: Our direct access to Microsoft ensures that your security measures are always at the forefront of technology. SME-focused: Our services are specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses, ensuring you receive personalized attention and solutions that fit your needs perfectly. Comprehensive Security Strategy: From email setup to the protection of collaborative tools, our service covers every aspect of your communication security needs.

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