Office 365 Migration Services: 1 Hour Briefing

Communication Square LLC

Our briefing, or as we at Communication Square call it, a Cloud Strategy Call, is designed to assist customers in understanding the advantages and procedures of Office 365 Migration Services.

###Agenda The first 30 minutes will be dedicated to understanding the customer's existing environment and business requirements:

Current productivity and collaboration tools in use. Existing email, data storage, and collaboration infrastructure. Volume of data and number of users to be migrated. The following 30 minutes will focus on outlining the benefits and process of Office 365 migration:

The advantages of transitioning from an on-premises or other cloud-based solution to Office 365. How consolidation of collaboration, communication, and productivity tools under Office 365 can drive your business growth. The security, accessibility, and scalability benefits of Office 365. Discuss the migration process, phases, and best practices to ensure a smooth transition with minimal business disruption. Explore the post-migration Office 365 support and training to maximize Office 365 usage and user adoption. Learn more about setting up Office 365 Migration Services with our Office 365 Migration Consulting offering.

Read this case study on how we helped a Government entity in California [Move Towards Success with Microsoft Office 365]

###About Communication Square Communication Square is a Microsoft Partner. We help Government & Mid-Sized Enterprises move to Microsoft Cloud to get them more productive while ensuring security and compliance.

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