Protect and Govern Sensitive Data: 4-Week Engagement & Workshop


Four week engagement that helps customers identify privacy and regulatory risks in Dark Data and understanding how to mitigate them with Microsoft 365.

CompuNet's Microsoft 365 Protect and Govern Sensitive Data Workshop is designed to help customers discover risks in their environment. As your business-critical data expands and their workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach to mitigating and controlling privacy and regulatory risks is more important than ever.  This workshop will arm you with the necessary tools you need to protect your critical data. These tools include Data Risk Check, Compliance Manager Tenant Assessment and Microsoft Purview. Workshop deliverables include:


  • Identify privacy and regulatory risks that might exist in organizational data stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud
  • Provide insight into how your organization is performing relative to key data protection standards and regulations
  • Help you understand how Microsoft 365 services and products can mitigate and protect against identified privacy and regulatory risks
  • Provide recommendations and actionable next steps to mitigate the identified risks and improve your compliance posture


  • Week 1: Engagement Preparation
    • Introduction to the Workshop
    • Customer Preparation for Delivery
  • Week 2: Configure and Enable
    • Prepare for Data Risk Check and Start the Automated Discovery
  • Week 3: Automated Discovery
    • Automated Discovery Concludes
  • Week 4: Analyze, Report and Workshop Delivery
    • Automated Discovery Findings Collected, Analyzed and Discussed
    • Map to Solutions for Risk Mitigation
    • Overview of Microsoft Compliance Manager and Tenant Assessment
    • Recommendations and Next Steps

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