Dynamics 365 CE Sales: 2-Wk Implementation

Compusoft Advisors

*A profound engagement that leads to a robust implementation of Dynamics 365 CE Sales module, enabling faster value realization*

This plan includes rapid requirement analysis workshop, design and configuration, deployment, Express UAT and go-live in 2 weeks. This plan includes 80 hours of efforts. ($350 /day for any additional services). Basic functions of Sales department of the organization to be covered with out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 deployment with below implementation approach: **Configuring Dynamics 365** The configuration of Dynamics 365 for Small Business organization will include the following: * Creation of organization theme with logo * Defining system defaults for organization like fiscal year and currency * Define single level business unit * Defining Dynamics 365 users & up to 2 security roles * Single design per object (account, contact, lead /opportunity) * Maximum 12 field validation * 25 field creation or modification across entities. Quote, order and invoice entities shall be standard out-of-the-box functionality (no modifications) **Customer (Account/Contact) Data Import** Import account and contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365, provided the data is available in supported formats and in the Dynamics 365 supported data import templates: Maximum 21,000 records will be imported including account, contact, lead, opportunity, products and 3 pricelists. **Define Product & Price List** The out-of-the-box products and price list shall be configured into Dynamics 365. **Define Business Process with existing set of fields in entity Leads/Opportunity** Business processes will ensure that user enters data consistently and follow the same steps every time they work with a customer by creating a business process: * Qualify * Develop * Propose * Close **Define Alert** Workflows & alerts up to maximum 3 shall be created. **Reports and Dashboards** Pivotal default reports and default dashboards will be made available. **User Training** Train the trainer - to maximum 3 users and one admin user
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