SharePoint Intranet Portal Implementation: 8 Weeks

Congruent Software (USA) Inc.

8-Week implementation of SharePoint online intranet portal solutions for organizations to address collaboration and information management challenges, and improve employee productivity.

With 18+ years in SharePoint intranet design and development, Congruent can help build highly productive Intranet portals with features very specific to your business needs that will deliver value to your employees and customers. Our user-friendly SharePoint portals are feature-rich that can satisfy all the business functional needs and be visually appealing. We can add custom features to the portal in-line with the business processes and goals.

Our core deliverables from this 8-Week deployment of SharePoint online intranet portal

  1. Analyze the requirements
  2. Design the intranet portal solution
  3. Implement the intranet portal solution involving a Home page, other Department/Functional team sites. a. Provision Development, Staging and Production site collections - Develop the solution in Development site. (Setup the basic site branding: 1. Associate the logo, color scheme, style and fonts, 2. Define Site layouts and Page layouts - 2 each in number) b. Build the home page that can display the following components. Recent and archive blogs, news, announcements, event calendar, key documents, staff directory & search c. Department specific sites - Home page and content specific to department d. Provision and Configure Libraries and Lists e. Configure Search f. Define User Groups and Access permissions
  4. Content Creation/Migration - Migrate content from existing setup/file server
  5. Make it responsive to work on multiple devices and form factors
  6. Deploy the system tested solution in Staging site
  7. Move the certified solution to Production site
  8. Train users on the deployed solution components a. Admin training for IT to manage and support the setup b. End user training for managing the site
  9. Support Go live activities

Tools • Microsoft Lookbook • Visual Studio/SharePoint Framework • React

Congruent will make sure that a highly productive and visually appealing intranet portal is deployed successfully. Our SharePoint intranet portal solution will • Enhance employee engagement & productivity, • Streamline business process, • Improve collaboration & communication, • Empower employees to efficiently manage task & time

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