Get Sales Copilot Right - 3 week Implementation

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Accelerate Revenue Generation with "Get Sales Copilot Right" - 3 Week Implementation from CongruentX

Did you know the average seller spends 6-8 hours a week entering data in systems like CRM?
Stop “Doing CRM”. Sales Copilot is a seller experience app that automatically captures Office 365 and Microsoft Teams data into your CRM tool.
Get Viva Sales Right is a 3 Week Implementation that Aligns your People and Tech using Sales Copilot s so you don't have to “Do CRM” anymore, can buy back a day a week for your sellers and activate digital selling.

HOW WE DO IT - 4 Part Tech Enabled Consulting Engagement

Align 2 Days Select Early Adopter Team Digital Interviews Showcase for Key Stakeholders Digital Interviews | Design Thinking Align People and Tech Session Goals - Document goals and KPIs

Onboard 1 Week Configure Outlook Copilot Panel Teams Conversation AI Train Core Team Users Core Team Managers

Adopt 2 Weeks Evangelize Set Up Sales Copilot Adoption Teams Channel Email Campaign Self Learning Videos Daily Coaching Calls Monitor CRM Adoption Monitor Call Usage

Achieve 1 Week Roll Out Plan Outcomes Blueprint
Conversation Blueprint

WHAT YOU GET Pilot Team of Up to 20 Sellers Live On Sales Copilot
Key Efficiency Processes around emails and calls Optimized Pilot Team Trained and supported via live training, video how to training and reinforced with live coaching calls Blueprint for Remaining Sales team efficiencies and for future advanced conversation intelligence enhancements

RESULTS YOU CAN ACHIEVE Firms that are effective in sales activity tracking enjoy a 26% improvement in productivity over their ineffective peers. Companies that implement conversation intelligence have reported improvements in win rate of 20%

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