Process Manufacturing: 1-Day Industry Assessment


Extended functionality in materials management and production to map complex business processes of batch manufacturers

The complete solution for process manufacturing companies are as diverse as their products and services – and this especially applies to process manufacturers with their different production processes. The strictly regulated environment of certain industries is another unique characteristic of this sector. All of these places high demands on comprehensive digital solutions intended to handle the specialist features of each business model and, above all, of each separate production type. COSMO CONSULT offers an extensive portfolio of fully integrated industry and special solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for companies in process manufacturing. These solutions support all industry-specific production processes from procurement and quality control, recipe management and optimization, through to optimum scheduling and capacity planning, and integrate these processes in the commercial, sales and strategic business workflow.

Process Manufacturing includes:

  • Chemicals Industry: Paint & Coatings, Cosmetics Industry, ...
  • Plastic Industry: injection molding, extruders, ...
  • Glass and Ceramics Industry
  • Solar Wafer Production
  • Food and Beverages Industry

During the workshop, depending upon your needs there will be the opportunity to discover how the following solution areas in Dynamics 365 Business Central may apply to your business and what the future looks like:

  • Production structures
  • Recipe management
  • Tool management
  • Calculation
  • Planning and component availability
  • Sequence planning
  • HR requirement
  • Batch tracking
  • Maintenance and setup orders
  • Research and development
  • Overview of key features
  • Rough process fit-gap-evaluation

At a glance