Microsoft 365 Copilot - Extensibility Solutions


Enhance your Microsoft 365 Copilot experience and boost your productivity through customizations tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Microsoft 365 Copilot allows global businesses to increase the productivity of knowledge workers by harnessing the capabilities of AI without compromising data security or crossing company boundaries.

At Crayon, we excel in developing end-to-end AI solutions that span across diverse industries. With a track record of over 300 successful Applied AI projects and being recognized by Microsoft as a top global Azure Open AI partner, it allows us to deeply understand customer requirements and provide solutions uniquely tailored to our customers’ needs by leveraging the latest technological advancements. Moreover, we are steadfast in our commitment to responsible AI practices and adhere rigorously to the core principles of cloud security, ensuring robust information and data protection.

To enhance your Microsoft 365 Copilot experience and boost your productivity even further, Crayon provides Copilot Extensibility Solutions aimed to address your organization's specific needs.

Our services includes:

Assessment - Identification and analysis of your Copilot usage needs, mapping to existing capabilities, scoping and architecting required extensions, as well as planning an implementation roadmap.

Implementation - Develop and deliver an integrated solution within the Microsoft 365 Copilot ecosystem leveraging the latest Generative AI technology.

Validation & Adoption - Ensure business value by onboarding users to the new capabilities.

Leverage our deep expertise with Generative AI and Large Language Models to enhance your Copilot experience.

The price varies based on the extent of the engagement.

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