Microsoft 365 Copilot - Technical Readiness


Jumpstart your journey with the Crayon Microsoft 365 Copilot Technical Readiness - your cornerstone for secure and efficient AI adoption within your organization.

Copilot will change our day-to-day activities. This means our environments should be prepared accordingly, to avoid unwanted surprises. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service of technical readiness assessment & preparation. Depending on your current situation, we will guide you through the necessary steps to make sure you are fully ready to enjoy Copilot from the first moment.


To unlock the full potential of the possibilities of the tool, it is advised to move all your data to one Microsoft 365 tenant – SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and other Microsoft 365 solutions. Crayon can support in revising your data, create a migration strategy and move the data.


Keeping too much data active within your environment can be confusing for both users as well as AI. Crayon can support in identifying obsolete data, choosing the best archiving strategy, and managing that strategy in your environment.

Data governance

Copilot has the same level of access to data as the user who’s using it. However, users often do not realize the full scope of their access and the access they provide to their colleagues. Crucial in the adoption of Copilot is to make sure obsolete permissions are revoked, sensitive data is well protected, and any anomalies and risks are monitored. Crayon can support with tools allowing to easily understand the risks and remediation steps around data management.

Security Assessment

Crayon Cloud Security Assessment assesses the security posture of organization across Azure & Microsoft 365 environments, providing an actionable, prioritized security enhancement roadmap.

Crayon’s Microsoft 365 Copilot Technical Readiness will support you in achieving a safe and functional environment, independent of your environment’s maturity. Crayon will guide you through every step to ensure optimal security and efficiency for your Copilot implementation.

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