Financial Document Management with Microsoft Syntex: 10-Day Implementation Solution

Creospark Consulting Services Inc

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in financial document management with Microsoft Syntex, SharePoint Online Modern, and Power Automate.

Tailored to financial teams and professionals handling substantial document volumes, Microsoft Syntex is your gateway to minimizing manual efforts and maximizing data accuracy. Whether you operate a dynamic startup or a thriving enterprise, this solution seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Our solution harnesses the power of Microsoft Syntex content extraction to create intelligent models that effortlessly extract essential information from specific financial documents, whether they are intricate invoices or comprehensive financial statements. It then uses various workflows from Power Automate to automatically transfer the extracted data to SharePoint and invoke other workflows, where it is easily accessible and ready for immediate action.

With this offer, we will tailor our standard model to one specific financial document type capable of analyzing and extracting data from 3 distinct metadata fields. Should you require additional document types or metadata fields, we can tailor this solution to your business’s unique requirements and preferences for an additional cost.

Contact us now to discover how Microsoft Syntex can revolutionize how you manage financial documents.

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