Knowledge Discovery Workshop 4 hours

Covenant Technology Partners

Microsoft SharePoint Syntex Workshop: 4 hour onsite or virtual workshop

Our Knowledge Discovery workshop consists of two modules, Knowledge and Content Services. It is designed to help organizations drive business outcomes by identifying and prioritizing scenarios, evaluating Knowledge & Content Services capabilities and building a high-level roadmap to realize their vision.

Target Audience: a. Clients with SharePoint and Teams usage b. Suggested Titles: CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CSO, CISO

Agenda to include: • Building deeper engagement with customer business stakeholders. • Identifying unique scenarios that increase productivity using Knowledge & Content Services capabilities. • Recommending a solution that effectively meets customer requirements. • Addressing potential blockers and challenges. • Recommending roadmap that help customer reach their future state vision.

Pilot Environment Microsoft 365 Environnment Setup Syntex trial Setup SharePoint Content Center Document Understanding Create model of sample document Identify and extract up to 5 metadata elements Review Pilot results

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