Microsoft Syntex Workshop

Covenant Technology Partners

Microsoft Syntex Workshop - Scaling and automating your organizations content and processes - 8-hour workshop

Held in-person or virtually, the Microsoft Syntex Workshop is designed to help customers understand one of the biggest challenges businesses face today - scaling and automating content-centric business processes. Syntex helps organizations take structured and unstructured files and organize it into actionable information, making it easier to find and protect information, generate new content, and streamline critical processes. Customers will work through various content process challenges and pain points to identify top scenarios for their business and learn how Syntex models can be applied to streamline those processes. This workshop can be broken down into multiple 4-hour sessions or multiple day sessions.

Included in the Microsoft Syntex Workshop will be:
Syntex Interactive Overview Turn Content into Knowledge with Syntex Put Knowledge to Work with Viva Topics Interactive Demos and Immersive Experiences

Cost: $5,000 Solution Play: Content and AI Technical Capability: Content Services

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