Teams Phone Transformation: 3-Month Pilot

Cyclotron Inc.

This solution from Cyclotron helps clients realize the value of converged communications with Microsoft 365 and Teams by providing a 90-day pilot of Teams Phone for up to 50 users.

Through this engagement, Cyclotron will help plan and implement a 90-day pilot of Teams Phone, a modern enterprise-grade cloud communication service built into Teams, for up to 50-users.

Teams Phone provides a simplified, converged communication and collaboration experience through a single app. It offers enterprise-grade communication features, such as PSTN calling, automated call handling, voicemail, delegation, call transfer, pickup groups, and more. Teams Phone allows users to be productive whether they are in the office, working from home, or on the go. This engagement helps clients experience the value Teams Phone provides through a pilot within their environment.

Cyclotron's approach to enabling modern communications consists of three phases: Envision, Enable, and Expand. This engagement helps a client move through the first two of those phases and prepare for the expand phase. In the Envision phase, Cyclotron conducts workshop and planning sessions to learn about the client's business objectives, deployment options, and network readiness for Teams Phone. We collaboratively develop a roadmap for enabling a Teams Phone pilot and define criteria for extending the solution beyond the pilot. In the Enable phase, the Teams Phone service is configured, PSTN connectivity is validated, up to two auto attendants and call queues are created, and up to 50-users are enabled for Teams Phone. As a part of user enablement quick start guides are provided to give users easy reference to key features of Teams Phone. Cyclotron works with your team to collect user feedback about their pilot experience. The Expand phase is beyond the scope of this pilot engagement, but Cyclotron can provide client services to supports implementation of their Teams Phone enablement roadmap to scale the solution to the organization and integrate it with other Teams features.

This engagement is a part of Cyclotron's approach to Modern Communications adoption; it consists of a 4-week engagement with user follow-up towards the conclusion of the 90-day pilot at a cost of $20,000. Microsoft funding may be available for eligible clients.

The outcomes of this engagement include:

Teams Phone knowledge sharing and planning

Development of a Teams Phone enablement roadmap

Configuration of a scalable Teams Phone solution for up to 50-users, for 90-days

User quick start guides and feedback collection

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