Windows 365 Cloud PC: 3-Days Proof of Concept

Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S

Data Market Windows 365 Cloud Pc for Hybrid Work offers is a service that configures the flow of applications, data, content and settings from the Microsoft cloud to the device of your choice.

Securely access your private Windows cloud computer from anywhere and on any device during the hybrid work period. You can easily use the Windows 365 cloud virtual machine service over the web. In this way, you can access your private Windows environment from anywhere you have internet access.

With that offer, you will have the benefits below;

DAY1: *Windows 365 General Lecture *End user benefits *The Importance of Windows 365 Cloud Pc in Hybrid Operation

DAY2: *Windows 365 Preperation Assessment *Requirements review - Security, Device, Compatibility

DAY3: *Assign a license to an end-user *Identification of devices *End-user training *Deployment of up to 5 pilot machines

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