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Expert Power BI Training and Mentoring by Dear Watson Consulting

Welcome to Dear Watson Consulting, your trusted partner for Power BI Training and Mentoring. With over 8 years of hands-on experience in Power BI and a team of certified Microsoft trainers actively engaged with the platform daily, we offer a range of courses, including "Dashboard in a Day," "Data Visualization," and "Data Modelling." Additionally, our expertise extends to creating customized courses and personalized mentoring sessions. Our Comprehensive Offerings:

  1. Dashboard in a Day: • Intensive Training: Dive deep into Power BI essentials in a day-long immersive training. • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience building interactive dashboards. • Practical Insights: Benefit from our trainers' daily application of Power BI in real-world scenarios.
  2. Data Visualization: • Effective Visual Communication: Learn the art and science of presenting data visually. • Best Practices: Master the use of Power BI's visualization tools for impactful storytelling. • Advanced Techniques: Explore advanced visualization techniques for compelling reports.
  3. Data Modelling: • Foundational Knowledge: Understand the principles of effective data modeling. • Optimizing Data Relationships: Learn techniques to create robust data relationships. • Scenario-Based Learning: Apply modelling concepts to real-world business scenarios.
  4. Customized Courses and Mentoring: • Tailored to Your Needs: Create courses customized to your specific business requirements. • Mentoring Sessions: One-on-one mentoring to address your unique challenges. • Continuous Learning Path: Design a learning path that aligns with your team's development goals. Why Choose Dear Watson Consulting:
  5. Certified Microsoft Trainers: • Benefit from the expertise of trainers with a proven track record in Power BI.
  6. Daily Practical Application: • Our trainers actively work with Power BI daily, ensuring up-to-date and practical knowledge.
  7. Proven Experience: • With over 8 years of experience, we bring a wealth of insights to our training and mentoring sessions. How to Get Started:
  8. Needs Assessment: • Collaborative discussions to understand your team's skill levels and training requirements.
  9. Tailored Programs: • Customize courses or mentoring sessions based on identified needs.
  10. Implementation Support: • Ongoing support to reinforce learning and apply skills in real-world scenarios. Empower your team with the skills they need for success in the Power BI ecosystem. We look forward to discussing how Dear Watson Consulting can elevate your team's proficiency in Power BI.

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