Workplace Booking on Teams: 2-Week Implementation

Develonica inc.

A mobile & web app built on Power Apps and Dataverse that enables employees to reserve workspaces

The average office has to be properly engaged and used where probably one of the biggest frictions will be caused by not knowing will you find empty seat, where will be colleagues from my team sit tomorrow, where are free seats? It is a pretty relevant problem in these hard times for business.

Develonica built the solution for employees to be able to select a specific floor and a specific wing of the floor, be able to get information about available/booked seats, confirm occupancy status, or reserve a seat for his visit the next day.

Employee’s App features::

  • the Employee's Information is downloaded from AD
  • Employee's location is determined by geo-location (if possible and allowed for this application).
  • An employee can confirm his/her location by scanning QR-code that should be located near the entrance to the office floor
  • Upcoming Bookings reminder:
  1. Shows planned bookings for today (if any) or displays "No bookings for today" message
  2. Format: Date, Time from-to, location - floor / desk number 3."My Bookings"screen 4."New Booking" screen

Also we offer the Office Manager's Application to office managers, floor managers, receptionists and employees with the similar roles and responsibilities and allow: *view desks bookings; *view reports on future and previous bookings.

And to solve the high-level stated challenge, we made "Reports" tab accumulates various dashboards/reports and statistics and provide means to visualize data collected through Employee and Office Manager Applications. Reports:

  • View future and previous bookings
  • Total number of bookings for given period (week/month/quarter/year)
  • Most popular locations/desks
  • Less popular locations/desks
  • Number of cancellations
  • Number of no shows

We used the Microsoft Power Apps for Teams to quickly create these business applications and we used Microsoft Dataverse for Teams to store all the data and reporting capabilities.

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