Azure AS to Power BI migration: 10d implementation


Migrate your Azure Analytics Services data model to Power BI Premium per user. Grow your model and empower your users while lowering your organization's costs.

If your organization is struggling with the size of its Azure Analytics Services database model, migrating it to Power BI Premium can:

  • Allow you to grow the size of your Power BI models.
  • Empower your users.
  • Optimize your organization’s costs.

For $20/month per user, Power BI Premium allows your organization to have data models with a size of up to 100GB per user and gives them access to Power BI Pro and Premium features, such as self-service report building, sharing, paginated reports, and advanced AI. It also significantly improves your database model’s performance while reducing your organization’s expenses.

With several years of experience with data models and thousands of projects under its belt, our team developed a service package that assesses, adapts, and deploys your Azure Analysis Services model in the Power BI Premium per user environment in just a few days.

Work agenda:

  • Analytical model overview with the client.
  • Power BI workspace setup and configuration according to the latest best practices.
  • Model migration to the Power BI Premium workspace environment.
  • Model assessment, review, and recommendations.

Implementation time and estimated price may vary according to the client's request. Factors that may affect implementation time and estimated price include:

  • Unexpected setbacks caused by the client’s infrastructure.
  • Client needs that may arise and are communicated to our team after the assessment.

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