Microsoft Teams Voice Deployment and Adoption

Microsoft Teams Voice Deployment and Adoption, our goal is to deploy Microsoft teams so you can port in your numbers or get a new ones, you can use Microsoft teams as your primary phone system.


Deploying Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing involves several essential steps. This project aims to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams into your existing telephony infrastructure, enabling efficient communication through calls.

(Estimated Time: 10 hours)

  1. Prepare Your Environment

    • Objective: Set up the foundation for successful deployment.
    • Tasks:
      • Verify that you have a supported Session Border Controller (SBC) device.
      • Connect the certified SBC to Microsoft Teams.
  2. Provision Phone Numbers

    • Objective: Ensure users have accessible phone numbers.
    • Tasks:
      • Acquire or port phone numbers as needed.
      • Assign phone numbers to users within the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  3. Configuration

    • Objective: Configure essential components for seamless communication.
    • Tasks:
      • Set up Auto Attendant to manage incoming calls efficiently.
      • Configure Call Queue for organized call distribution.
      • Optionally configure Voice Mails.
      • Establish routing rules for inbound and outbound calls.
  4. Validate Configuration

    • Objective: Ensure proper functionality and routing.
    • Tasks:
      • Test inbound and outbound calls to verify correct routing.
      • Validate features such as call transfer, hold, and conferencing.
  5. Enable Users

    • Objective: Empower users with calling capabilities.
    • Tasks:
      • Confirm that users have the necessary licenses for calling features.
  6. User Training

    • Objective: Educate users on effective call management.
    • Tasks:
      • Provide training and documentation on making and receiving calls using Microsoft Teams.
      • Familiarize users with features like voicemail, call forwarding, and call queues.
  7. Monitor and Maintain

    • Objective: Ensure ongoing performance and optimization.
    • Tasks:
      • Monitor call quality and promptly troubleshoot any issues.
      • Regularly review call logs and usage reports to fine-tune the deployment.

The project starts at 10 hours for a simple deployment, depending on the complexity the price might increase from 10 to 20 hours.

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