Data Lakehouse 20 Day Kickstart Offer

Dimensional Strategies Inc

Jumpstart your Power BI data journey with our 20-day offer designed to provide quick wins and immediate impact. Ideal for organizations who are new to Power BI and Fabric.

Offer Includes: • Data Assessment: Analyze your current data landscape and identify quick opportunities for improvement. • Source Data Ingestion: ingest Data from your Source systems into your Fabric OneLake House. • OneLake Data cleansing: Cleanse ingested data from source systems into queryable data artifacts. • OneLake Data curation: Curate cleansed source data into data artifacts aligned to your business needs and goals. • Data Modeling: Create essential data models to enable basic reporting and visualization. • Basic Dashboards: Develop simple dashboards and reports to visualize key metrics. • Training: Empower your team with essential Fabric skills and knowledge.

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