Data Discovery for CX: 5 hours Workshop

diva-e Platforms GmbH

Diva-e NEXT GmbH will determine with you the data quality and usage opportunities to put the customer first and always deliver the right message at the right time.


Our engagement includes the following steps:

Perparation of the workshop:

  • Provision of a customer journey target for the orchestration of content for personas through digital channels
  • Provision of access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing instance to get an overview of setup, data usages and data quality
  • Provision of an overview of all systems involved in customer relationship management in order to get an overview of data storage and data collection

On-site or off-site workshop:

  • Best Practice presentation: How to use data in your customer centric efforts with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Derivation of requirements for systems used:
    • Which data must be present in customer facing systems to support the customer journey
    • How is the data in your systems used today
    • What additional data must be collected for profile extensions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and other systems
    • What information is important for marketing/sales/service for daily doing - business processes

Follow-up of the workshop:

  • Evaluation of the data and determination of the data quality for the necessary processes


  • Target image and concept of data use and collection in the customer journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Potentials for the use of data in your business processes

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