Dynamics 365 AX Dist/Trade: 5-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

*This onsite, instructor-led, lab workshop improves your technical skills on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution and Trade. Delivered at your site.*

This instructor led, hands on lab workshop has seven days of training covered in a five-day format. You will have full use of a Dynamics 365 for Operations lab environment. ### Agenda **Module 1: Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Operations** * How Dynamics Supply Chain and Distribution is integrated within the Dynamics 365 for Operations cloud based framework * New feature and functionality on Dynamics 365 for Operations * Similarities/differences with AX 2012 and 2009 versions **Module 2: Inventory Management** * Configure and manage products and inventory **Module 3: Distribution and Trade** * Manage customer and vendor relationships * Manage the purchase process * Manage the sales process **Module 4: Intercompany Order Processing** * Set up intercompany ordering * Process a purchase order-initiated intercompany chain * Process a sales order-initiated intercompany chain * Configure intercompany agreements * Update and synchronize an intercompany order chain * Configure direct delivery for intercompany orders * Process intercompany return orders * Process intercompany orders utilizing serial and batch numbers **Module 5: Procurement** * Set up and maintain vendors * Set up and maintain catalogs * Create and manage purchase requisitions * Configure purchasing policies and signing limits * Configure purchasing workflows * Inquiries, reports, and other purchase order tasks **Module 6: Vendor Collaboration** * Manage users and workflows for vendor collaboration * Consignment inventory configuration * Managing consignment inventory **Module 7: Product Costing and Inventory Valuation** * Valuation: FIFO, LIFO, weighted average, moving average * Inventory close * Standard cost * Production costing * Ledger integration * Inventory insight and reconciliation * Non-stock items * Cost explorer **Module 8: Course Review**
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