Endpoint Management: 3-Day Workshop


Get an executive deep dive into remote deployment, management, and the security of corporate and BYOD devices in your organization with ECF Data’s Endpoint Management Workshop

Today, there’s more emphasis placed on being productive. And as users have become more mobile and glued to their devices, it’s necessary to consider how you are managing laptops, mobiles, and other user endpoints and its compliance with your IT policies.

Here are the facts:

Ninety-five percent of organizations allow personal devices in the workplace 1

70 million smartphones are lost every year

ECF Data is one of the leading IT servicing firms that specializes in IT infrastructure and architecture.

Included in the Modern Work Workshops, ECF Data offers the Endpoint Management Workshop, a 3-day affair that demonstrates the value of Microsoft 365. It leads with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to illustrate how to manage users’ apps, devices, and identities, wherever.

Topics included in this workshop include:

-Educating customers about how they can improve their current endpoint and device management practices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

-Demonstrating how you can discover existing endpoints using their tenant capabilities, and protecting them from threats

-Securing customers’ identities with easy-to-use multifactor authentication and automatic, risk-based conditional access from any device

-Enabling users to be productive by giving them access to the apps they need on whichever device they want to use

Below's the agenda: Day 1 - Remote Endpoint Management & Configuration

Day 2 - Remote Endpoint Protection & Apps Deployment

Day 3 - Remote Support & Workshop Close-Out

ECF Data is composed of a team of experts in IT application and infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management. Since 2010, helping organizations to be more secure, engaged, and productive has been the main goal of ECF. The Endpoint Management Workshop is only one of the plethora of services offered by ECF.

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