Microsoft 365 Roadmap: 1-Wk Workshop

Egroup, Inc.

Enable a Secure and Productive Workforce with a Modern Workplace Roadmap powered by Microsoft 365 solutions.

With an eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC. Microsoft 365 Roadmap, your business will have a clear and actionable roadmap to an extraordinary end-user experience, with a secure, and productive workforce. All while obtaining the education your team needs to ensure your users can focus on your business and not technology.

The workshop focuses on three primary pillars of the Microsoft 365 platform, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap Workshop consists of:
- A pre-workshop discovery session to align the workshop agenda to your goals
- Workshop session with eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC. experts that understand both business and technical impact
- A detailed documented roadmap that covers both adoption plans, cost estimates, and technical recommendations
- A detailed review of the deliverables and post workshop Q&A

Our workshop will cover the following agenda:
- Day 1: Current Cloud and Network Infrastructure Environmental Readiness
- Day 2: Understand the Microsoft 365 technology that is currently in use
- Day 3-4: Review Microsoft 365 service offering and licensing
- Day 5: Documentation of desired outcomes to expand into the Microsoft 365 solutions

Our Microsoft 365 Roadmap delivers a unified and complete set of solutions to allow your end users to be secure and productive with the flexibility to allow them to work the way they are most successful.

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